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Popular Heroes In Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5 vs. 5 multiplayer online battle arena game, which is available on iOS and Android platforms. In this game, players can assemble a team of best heroes and compete with millions of online players.

Listed below are some of the most popular Heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game:

  • Akai a Panda Warrior: Akai a Panda Warrior belongs to the Tank category and can be acquired by spending either 32,000 battle points or 599 Diamonds. This warrior can create havoc on the enemy troops as he can transform himself into a ball and dash the enemy defenses. Besides this, Akai has an immense brute strength which gives him an edge over other heroes in the close ranged combat.
  • Queen of the Apocalypse: Alice aka Queen of the Apocalypse belongs to the Mage group. This beautiful warrior can be bought for 15,000 Battle Points or 399 Diamonds. Alice can gain health from slaying her enemies and she can also be of great use in the mid-range combat as she can shoot Blob of Blood at her enemies and stun them.
  • Balmond: Balmond is a half man and half beast warrior who wields a giant axe and can be procured for 6,500 battle points or 299 Diamonds. Balmond belongs to the Fighter clan who has the ability to control crowd and inflict greater damage on enemy troops in close combat.
  • Demon Hunter: Alucard goes by the name Demon Hunter, who is a fierce warrior that costs around 15,000 Battle Points or 399 Diamonds. He has an ability to charge at an enemy and create extreme damage on enemy boss and minions. His epic Whirling Smash can cause a good amount of damage on multiple enemies.
  • Queen of the North: Aurora better known by pseudonym Queen of the North can be purchased for 24,000 Battle points or 499 Diamonds. She belongs to the Mage clan and has an ability to summon large icy rocks in order to crush enemies beneath them.
  • The Kung Fu Boy: Chou aka The Kung Fu Boy can stun the enemies with his speedy attacks. Equipped with ‘The Way of Dragon’ kick, this Fighter is quite a bargain for 24,000 Battle Points or 499 Diamonds.
  • Cyclops: Cyclops is a Starsoul Magician who belongs to Mage clan and can be bought for 15,000 Battle Points or 399 Diamonds. He has an ability to control the power of stars and channelize it into a huge energy ball, which inflicts greater damage on multiple enemy troops.
  • Frozen Warrior: Franco or the Frozen Warrior is a huge Viking hero who wields an Iron Hook and Fury Shock, which demobilizes the enemies and causes a good amount of damage too. For 32,000 Battle Points or 749 Diamonds, Franco can be added to your heroes’ collection.
  • Johnson The Mustang: Johnson The Mustang looks like a Transformer and is covered with heavy armor from head to toe. His secret ability is that he can convert himself into a car in order to ram onto the opponents and thereby stunning them instantly. He can be bought for 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Other than the aforesaid heroes, there are many more playable characters that can be acquired in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game! So, keep playing and keep acquiring them easily with our Mobile Legends Bang bang Hack.

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