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Special Items To Be Equipped In Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an addictive MOBA game, which is extremely popular among millions of users. In this game, players can assemble a team of extra ordinary heroes and compete with other players online. The game and our Mobile Legends Hack can be played on pocket platforms i.e. iOS as well as Android and it is can be played on minimum hardware devices as well.

The game is entirely dependent on heroes that you choose in combat, and below are some of the legendary items, which compliment the heroes and make them prepared for all the challenges in the Arena.

Arcane Boots:

Arcane Boots are an amazing set of boots which can instantly boost your heroes’ movement speed by 40 points. Faster movement gives you an edge as you can easily evade enemy attacks and above that it also reduces all the magic damage.

Ares Belt:

Ares Belt looks like a simple belt but it instantly provides your heroes with 700 extra health points, which means you can sustain more damage if equipped with the belt.

Bloodthirsty King:

Bloodthirsty King is a body armor suited for a king. When this armor is equipped, it provides 1,500 health points to your heroes. Above all, your hero also gains 20 percent of Mana Points of the enemies or minions slain.

Brute Force Breastplate:

Brute Force Breastplate is a piece of body armor that increases Health Points by 700 and improves 40 points of armor. In addition to all this, it also increases movement speed and attack strength of your hero.

Eternal Scepter:

Eternal Scepter is a magical weapon which increases magic power of your heroes and also increases 600 points of Mana and Health points. It is one of the most powerful items in the game and considered as a true game changer.

Hunter Strike:

Hunter Strike is a curved bladed, and when wielded, it inflicts great amount of damage to the enemies. Apart from this, it increases the speed of your hero by 30 percent after killing an enemy hero.

Cursed Helmet:

Cursed Helmet is a very rare helmet, which increases 950 Health Points and also provides resistance to magic.

Bloodlust Axe:

Bloodlust Axe is the most deadly weapon in the game. It causes more than 70 points of health damage with one swing and also heals up to 15 percent of health damage for the fallen hero.

Demon Wings:

Demon Wings provides the hero with a strong protection by adding 770 Health Points and the amount of damage inflicted increases if Health Points of enemy is less than 40 percent.

Wind Chaser:

Wind Chaser is a cross bow which is ideal for ranged combats and can cause great damage to the opponents without getting near them. This is an ideal choice of weapon, especially if you wish to stay a mile away from the area of damage.


Immortality is a power which allows the hero to resurrect 2 seconds after dying. The resurrected character contains 15 percent of Health Points and a Shield which can absorb 40 percent of total inflicted damage.

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